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  Last Updated on 07/13/2018

MI Day Care Grants Announced

MIRS, May 12, 2003

Gov. Jennifer Granholm along with Nanette BOWLER, director of the Michigan Family Independence Agency, on Friday [5-9-03] announced $741,555 in day care grants including $524,590 to 172 providers and childcare centers.

The grants were awarded in amounts ranging from $619 to $3,500 and 44 start-up grants in a range from $675 to $15,000.

The grant program, called Enhanced Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP), is funded by the FIA and aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of childcare in Michigan communities. The Michigan 4C Association, a partner with the FIA in helping public assistance recipients stay in the work force administers the program. 4C stands for Community Coordinated Child Care.

"These grants help increase access to licensed child care services for low-income families," said Granholm. "The EQUIP program develops affordable, safe local child care services throughout the state. In this program, small businesses support working public assistance and low-income parents who play an active role in fueling Michigan's economy."

The Lansing-based 4C Association selected the grantees in this funding cycle. EQUIP grants were awarded for proposals that address equipment, computers and resources to build child care capacity throughout the state, support childhood development at care centers and improves staff knowledge and caregiver techniques. EQUIP grants help local childcare providers develop service options during afternoon, evening and weekend work shifts, and ways to care for infants and children with special needs. Provider start-up grants help communities better meet the needs of their low-income families.

"Access to safe, licensed child care is important in a family's quest for success in the workplace," said Bowler. "This program expands low cost options for families that struggle to make ends meet with low income jobs."



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