What is an ISD (Intermediate School District)?


What is an intermediate school district?

ISDs are public agencies, supported by tax dollars, providing administrative and instructional services to local school districts, particularly in the areas of special and vocational education.

How were ISDs formed and how many ISDs are there in Michigan?

Michigan's 57 ISDs were formed in 1962 by Public Act 190, which took the state's existing 83 county school districts and renamed and reorganized them under the name of intermediate school districts.

How are ISD board members and superintendents appointed?

All Michigan ISDs have elected board members. However, unlike board members in local school districts who are usually elected by the voters of their districts, many ISD boards, including the Oakland Schools board, are chosen by the board members of each local school district within its boundaries. Each ISD has a superintendent who is hired by the board of education.